Disaster recovery. Sounds pretty gloomy doesn’t it? Who would want to spend the whole day discussing that? That’s probably why no one does and when disaster strikes… they’re screwed. For many stations the automation system IS the radio station! You rely on it completely and utterly. If it died, what would you do? Do you even have a CD player in the studio? I bet you don’t have CART players or anything like it. You need a disaster recovery plan if you want to limit your losses when disaster strikes. You most likely keep a back-up of your data and audio, but is that back-up on the same network as your on-air computer? So it can be destroyed by the same virus that wipes out your on-air computer? Is the back-up in the same building as your on-air system so it can be destroyed by fire too?

  • 1. Ensure back-ups are made frequently
  • 2. Test the back-up regularly. Is there anything missing?
  • 3. Have an offsite back-up
  • 4. How will you play commercials if your automation system goes down? Make sure you can answer that question!
  • 5. Have an offsite back-up
  • 6. How will your air-staff know which commercials to play if your automation system goes down?
  • 7. Check your anti-virus software is being updated regularly


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