[box]It always amazes me how little thought goes into some radio commercials.

“Looking to buy a new computer?”

No I’m not. Click. I’m no salesperson but I thought the whole idea was to create a need where one probably didn’t exist? So why ask a question that allows a listener to say ‘no’? Tell me why I should buy from you, don’t give me an opportunity to say ‘No’!

“For all your <fill in the blank> needs!”

I wish I had a dollar for everytime I have heard that tagline. How unimaginative! You really can’t think of anything better than that?

Obtrusive Jingles

How am I supposed to hear your message when you have a woman singing all the way through your commercial AND a voiceover at the same time? If you have a musical jingle with vocals, use it at the start or end of the commercial not throughout! Most people’s selectve hearing will filter out your voice-over and listen to the singing… your jingle might be heard but your message won’t be. Having singing and a voice-over simoultaneously is like trying to listen to two people at the same time.


“Hey Mary, this new hand lotion makes my hands feel so soft!”, “Really?”, “Yes mary, you should try some.. here…”, “Oooooooo!”.  All too often this type of advertising sounds fake. Listeners are smart, if it even sounds a little fake, you will lose credibility. Try to get testimonials from real people, let them talk and don’t script it!

Telephone numbers

“Call 555-1234-5678 or 555-4321-9876 or 555-6789-1234 NOW”. So I’m driving. How exactly am I supposed to remember those numbers? If you MUST include a telephone number in a radio commercial (and I don’t believe you should!) then at least have a VERY easy number to remember and repeat it.



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