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  • Music


    Tried and tested, scientific
    methods to deliver a strong
    music playlist that delivers
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  • Content


    Turn your announcers
    into superstars and help
    them create lasting bonds
    with listeners
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  • Promotions


    Benefit from twenty years’ experience in,
    memorable, successful radio promotions
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  • Research

    Research &

    Identify openings in crowded markets
    and find out what ails your existing station
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Format Design

How can your station stand out in a crowded marketplace? I have years of experience in designing winning radio formats that deliver results, even in the most crowded market; let me help you create a unique & well-differentiated brand that consistently delivers significant and valuable audiences.

Design It


Marketing begins on air! I’ve been involved in audio branding, creative production & radio imaging for over 20 years. I can make your station stand out on the dial with witty positioning lines, aurally exciting promos, sweepers and jingles. Set yourself apart from the others with a world-class sound!

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I can provide you with a tried and tested scientific method of creating your music playlist which delivers significant ratings. From choosing music genres to individual songs & planning their rotations, it’s a complete package to ensure that your music is unbeatable in your market.



I have been responsible for creating some of the most memorable station promotions in each market where I have worked.  I have created and executed radio stunts that made international news. There are over twenty years’ worth of promotion ideas waiting for your station…

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Radio Software

I’m a certified expert user of RCS Master Control/Selector plus I have considerable experience with other systems such as Myriad, iMediaTouch, Musicmaster & Natural Music. I can configure your radio software to ensure that it delivers for your brand; reliability, security and cost-savings.


Research & Analysis

How do you identify an opening in a market for a new radio brand? How do you discover what is ailing your existing station? I can take you through each stage of the process using various research methods, putting you on the right track to launching a brand informed by solid research.

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Workflow & Processes

Lost money due to internal inefficiencies & communication problems? Do you have friction between the Creative, Sales & Presentation teams? With 25 years’ experience in Radio I can provide solutions, workflows & processes that work; giving your clients more confidence in your ability to deliver.

Fix It Now


Turn your DJs into superstars! No matter what language your presenters speak, I can coach them to maximise their potential and help them create a lasting bond with listeners. Your presenters are the only element of the station that your competitors can’t copy, so they are a worthwhile investment!

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